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A ray from the moon focuses a beam of light onto the tower wall blasting a hole in the side. The person who lives in the tower has jumped out of the other side in fear of the collapse only to realize that he is still falling and will still crash.

He puts his hands out to slow the fall - one black and one white. In carefully cultivating his Tower, he has been on the fence for too long having no strong opinions of his own and he has realised (too late!) that what he has built is a facade. The moons rays signify the illusion has been cut through and that if the ray is strong enough to blast a hole in the castle walls, then it wasn't very sturdy to begin with.

Another man is on the ground and can see the shattered and crumbling tower falling on top of him. It is possible that he wasn't in the tower when it was struck and was trying to get out before the collapse but now he is caught in the falling debris. Sometimes even those who share in the illusion (wittingly or not) can be hurt in the inevitable destruction.
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