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After reading the book, I love the story behind this card, it explains the card so easily.

From The Sacred Circle Tarot book
The card shows three swords, all slashing the air threateningly, the background is a dark and stormy sky over Snowdonia in Wales.
Snowdonia is a snow region closely associated with King Arthur. The reign of King Arthur began with he drew the magical sword Excalibur from the stone and established the legendary realm of Logres, a golden age of peace and fellowship of the round table, where all knights were equal.
As is often the case, all this was destroyed by the jealousy and malevolence of one man, Arthur's bastard son Mordred, who formented distrust and dissatisfaction in the court to break up the fellowship. Many knights and soldiers threw in their lots with Mordred as an easier option to the high principles of Arthur's rule.
As the forces drew together for the last battle, Arthur had recalled that Merlin had foretold that the holy realm of Logres should pass away and the land return to darkness. As he mused, the spirit of Gawain appeared to him and prophesied that if he fought on the morrow, the kingdom and his life should be lost. Hoping to avert this Arthur sent his faithful friend Bedivere to make a truce with Mordred.
The two armies gathered to treat, but Arthur warned his troops -- "If you see a sword drawn, charge and slay the traitor Mordred, for I do not trust him." -- and Mordred spoke likewise to his own men.
Arthur and Mordred met and reached an agreement, and a peace treaty was duly signed. However, it chanced that an adder came out of the heather and bit one of Mordred's knights on the heel. Without thinking, the knight drew his sword and slew the snake. When the two armies saw the flash of a blade, they cried out and fell on one another. It came about that many were killed, and Arthur and Mordred dealt each other death blows. Arthur is said to have died on Snowdon and to have been buried at Bwlch y Saethau, Pass of the Arrows. Llyn Llydaw, east of Snowdon, is one of the candidates for the lake where Bedivere is said to have thrown Arthur's sword after the king's death.
As I look at the card, I see the two swords crossing the one sword, almost as if they are ganging up on it. Perhaps the three swords once worked in harmony together, but no longer. One of the two swords is behind the solitary sword, the other is in front of it, seemingly as if they are attacking the solitary on different sides.
A rocky mountain is beneath the swords, and the sky is clouded over with storm clouds.

Divinatory meanings I get is that things are about as bad as they will get. Groups that once worked together will be destroyed from the inside by dissatisfaction. But, just as the Tower is, things have to be destroyed so that they can grow. Revolution is not always peaceful, but it brings about needed changes.
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