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i drew this card last week as the base of the week. after 'living' with it this week, i'm still trying to figure it out. I think it's more subtle since the whole tower isn't destroyed, rather it's the right top that is crumbling and being blasted. The ray of light appears to me as if coming from an eyeball - such as an insight, an eye opening experience, a blasting through an illusion. from darkness light is created and breaks down barriers between inner and outer realities.
I'm still perplexed by the figures in the card. One is active, trying to save himself, and the other passive, accepting his fate. Which is more productive in order to come through the destruction? And why only two figures?
The environment is very strange as it appears on top of a hill - maybe a globe - and there are cracks everywhere in the background (again the weathering or stormy environment - lightning? cracks in the facade coming through)
It's definitely a forceful change that is inflicted and not invited - and it appears structural - almost like a bodily change or rebuilding from the inside out.
The more I work with it, the less clear it becomes.
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