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Tarot of Prague - Temperance

This is an understated depiction of Temperance. At first I wasn't sure I liked it. I thought it a bit milk-and-waterish, a bit pallid. But I have to say that through using the deck it's grown on me. I like its subtlety. That delicate hint of wings suggests to me that the 'angelic' quality of Temperance is not that of some awesome heavenly being but something that could be achieved by any of us. The wings make me think of handmade lace, of something we can craft for ourselves by honing our attitudes and actions.
Something in the woman's tall, slender physique (or maybe it's the fact that her stance is so stylised) makes me think of ancient Egyptians. There's something High Priestessy about her - maybe it's that otherworldly expression on her face. Like she knows stuff but it's for her to know and us to learn. I love the stylised fishes and the decoration at the edges that looks almost like beading (again there's that handcrafted feel) - the suggestion of water without actually showing a pool at her feet. The way I feel about this card is that I haven't quite figured it out yet, something about it keeps me at a remove. I'm intrigued, and feel if I hang around somehow it will yield up its secrets.
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