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Do angels die? Do they sleep? Everything in this card seems suspended in time. This alabaster white figure, with her eyes closed, appears in repose. My sense is that she is set out on a decorated floor, and I am viewing this tableau from above. Do the wings belong to her or is she obscuring a bird in flight drawn on the floor?

In this card, she holds two golden chalices with three connected streams suspended in an arc over her head. Do the three currents represent body, mind, spirit? …Or past, present, future? …Or id, ego, superego? The right and left cups are held at equal height. There is no distinction between receiving and giving, or giving and receiving.

The floor is decorated with metal scrollwork and polished stones. The stones and fish remind me of the ocean. The yellow/gold color represents truth, beauty, and eternity. It appears that her body and the open circle form an ancient symbol.

Her head intrigues me. It looks unnatural. It looks like a perfect sphere with a face in the lower left quadrant. Is she wearing a perfectly smooth helmet? Does anyone have any ideas?

Her name is Temperance. I see careful and deliberate balance in this card. I see balance between the cycles of life, the orders of life, and the relationships within life. There is no waste in this card--no fallen drops. All is contained.

Temperance follows the Death Card. It is a card of equilibrium and surety following a period of change, instability, and uncertainty.

This card asks me to examine the areas of my life where I am out of balance. Am I called to give from an abundant heart? Am I called to receive with humility and grace? If I have suffered a loss, this card reminds me of the perfect balance of the universe. It asks me to look at the big picture. Everything has a place and a reason. Mistakes are valuable lessons. Hurts are opportunities for forgiveness. The universe IS--and that IS just fine. This card offers respite and reflects peace and quiet certainty.
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