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This card is intensely personal to me. I don't want to go into details of why, but it's in fact one image from Prague that stayed with me after I came here in 1991 for just three weeks. It was an odd time in my life, definitely chaotic emotionally, and this image represented some kind of quiet I think - there is a tremendous sense of stillness and control - in a gentle way - about this image. It's one that we changed very little from the original, although it did need work to make it easier to see - and we did quite a bit with the colour, as in the original it's very pale.

I've never been quite sure that it fits with the deck. We had certain stylistic "rules" when we did the cards, just as a way of giving them some cohesion, when we were using such very different media, periods, even sizes of things we photographed. One such "rule" was always to have a distinct foreground and background, and in this card we did not do that. Diane Wilkes (in her review) picked up on this (astutely in some ways) and said that it did not quite "fit". I think that's true, but then again, for me this image is key to a whole aspect of my relationship to this city. So it had to be there to make the deck complete in MY eyes. We planned to change it for the second edition - but in the end I didn't want to.

It is definitely about finding a balance at last - for me.

Oh, and yes, she is wearing a helmet, perfectly white and featureless. Something between a halo and a form of protection I think.
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