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Originally Posted by Aster Breo View Post
like how you're incorporating the suit symbols into the Lenormand symbol. Tbh, I didn't even notice that until you mentioned it, so it definitely wouldn't be a distraction for me, as a reader.
ha ha! same here!) I only noticed that on 2look!x,x lolz )

Originally Posted by Aster Breo View Post
I like the scroll you have on the Ship card, but I don't love the 2 playing card indices. .
same!) 1 is enough for me!) but what do i know?!x,x )

Originally Posted by blue_fusion View Post
You can maybe ask other people who have created decks with extra cards about how they managed the process - for example, reall regarding her Chakra Lenormand deck in a couple of threads below. Hope that helped.
ha ha! thanks for remembering me!^^ but we already talk about that!) it seems there is not enough lenormand decks with extra cards?x,x /or it's usually just few more people cards?x,x )

btw I suggest you do artwork first and when you have all cards completed then think about how to add numbers and card insertions?) good idea is to see how your favorite/popular deck solve that?) /thats what I did!^^ and even if you can't tell my role model for that part was GLR!X,X facepalm ) idea is to make it clear and visible /big enough but not stick into eye!x,x ) and i think i manage to do that with my deck!^^ even mini look *visible!^^ but so far there is not much *popular demand so,,,)

on topic imo numbers should be easier to solve?x,x so do that first? maybe you might try experimenting with *burned paper look?x,x /to make numbers look like burned into card or something like that?x,x when I see your clover I can totally see numbers and card reference in upper corners and it might work for ship to! something between this
and this
I think that would go well with your style that is original!^^) and fantastic artwork! reminds me bit on marseilles style?!x,x )

and here is more good/original examples to consider
*invisible numbers

and if you decide to stick to streched papirus
or you can center it something like this
hope that gives you idea!) whatever you decide I'm sure will be fantastic!^^ just pull it till the end!^^ lolz )

Edit I would stick with what you did with rider just reverse places!)
card number firstcorner and playing card on right.!)
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