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Originally Posted by EmpressArwen View Post
Anne Rice wrote some pretty hardcore erotica too. Sleeping Beauty series made me go "Daaaymn that is messed up." and I'm hard to shake up. haha
That was when she was young, and why canīt a christian write erotica? She writes vampire, witch and now werewolf books in a sexy, elegant style with a heart and metaphysical ideas.She was christian, which aided her style, Iīm so angry with that priest who tried to make an ascet out of her, and made her ashamed of her wonderful books.And now seems to have robbed her of a faith altogeather.
Iīm not angry with you or Village Witch, because you couldnīt have known the right story, not being fans of hers.Iīm sorry if it came out wrong.

And this has nothing to do with DV, but I felt I needed to say this anyway.
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