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People may believe in whatever they want, may change their beliefs and even disown certain stages in their own development retrospectively. I accept that (although I wouldn't try to cut off a chunk from my own past, however embarrassing some chapters were!).

But telling people to BURN any printed matter is horrible. If she really did that I think even less of her than I did before (her decks always looked like horrible, cheaply cobbled-together, copy-paste variations of each other).

One doesn't burn books, cards, sheet music or any other printed matter that one doesn't agree with. One can fight them in words and discussions, try to prove they're wrong, show their errors, warn others, argue. But calling for the burning of anything is IMO absolutely beyond the limit.

In central Berlin, on a square surrounded by a library, a university, an opera house and a cathedral (symbols of culture, learning and civilization), there's a memorial for the book burnings that took place there. Now you can tell me that I go too far and it's not the same. No, it isn't. But any person with a historical conscience should know that by calling others to burn books (or cards), you follow in extremely ugly footsteps.

So I can only hope that Virtue didn't really say those things. For me, it's a call to open aggression and destruction against a cultural product she doesn't agree with any nore. And I don't care whether it's her own work or not.
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