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Hi, there.

In my interpretation, it could mean that meaningful and intellectual conversations play a role in attractivenes, the other person might feel attracted to your intellect and articulation, which can be, in my humble opinion, a very powerful bond. I think you should not underestimate the sex appeal of a knight of words. The knight of swords was the "witness card" of a professor I had at university years ago (coz fire + air) and his bookish, nerdy type was sooooo incredibly sexy to me (we had a 2 year relationship later and it was a VERY passionate one!) I have also observed, in years of practice, that passion and attractiveness based on air element are lasting. If he or she saw you as, say, a knight of wands (fire + fire), it could mean that he sees you as suuuuper sexy and gorgeous and bla bla bla, BUT, with no air and no water to sustain the attractiveness with an emotional or intellectual bond, the relationship would just.... fade after satiated.
Hello AstroJade, I see what you are saying. Intellectual stimulation can be very sexy, especially if you are someone who likes to talk in bed. Or loves a good conversation. This makes sense to me!
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