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I have gone through various rituals that I do before and after readings, but it tends to change over time and depends upon how I am feeling that day.

However, this said, my one constant that I ALWAYS do - no matter what is to ground myself and ask for assistance from my spirit guides (and if reading for another--from their guides as well).

Sometimes I may include some crystals, specifically grounding stones and maybe my amethyst. But, lately, it seems to be just that grounding and also a protective prayer before I start.

My way to ground before any reading is to plant my feet firmly and flatly on the ground--whether indoors or out (usually in). Sometimes and usually, I close my eyes too and imagine roots growing out of the soles of my feet and going down deep into the ground, twisting and turning like those of a tree root and they become anchored to the ground. I also like to envision the heavens opening up and pouring a pure white/golden light around me that falls from above and covers my head, shoulders and continues to pour down to below and under my feet, which protects me from any dark energies.

I know it sounds a bit silly---but the thought of doing both the grounding and protection makes me feel prepared for any reading! Oh! and, I always have a bottle of water handy and if inside my home-- I will have the water in the sink running steadily--though not full blast. (encourages spirits to come through easily).
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