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Planet Series: SATURN transiting thru your houses

We have completed our exploration of the Saturn and Moon phase relationship and will now move on to another view of Saturn -- what happens as Saturn pursues its movement through the commonly-experienced zodiac and through the individually-experienced chart houses? In this thread we will focus on the houses and how Saturn may express itself for you, through you in terms of each house's meaning.

We can't forget that for many of us Saturn seems to have a number of key aspects in the birth chart. For some reason, it is often difficult to find a natal chart in which Saturn is off somewhere in the corner with nothing to do. One might think that it was a pre-requisit to have Saturn messing with something in order to be born.

Now, Saturn just doesn't move through the houses of your chart and you can then look up a meaning for that in an astrological cookbook. Saturn moves through your houses continuously, probably about three times in a lifetime. EACH TIME IS DIFFERENT!

We may have appreciated society's view or expectation that individuals seem to mature just before their 30th birthday and do something screwy around the age of 42. These are the times when certain cylces, astrological cycles, coincide for many of us. We need to look at these overall cycles as part of the process of understanding what happens with Saturn in a particular house.

So, in order to participate in this thread you may wish to start mentally putting together a life schedule for yourselves -- at this age I did this, at that age I did something else, at another age I was totally depressed, etc. We can than reflect on those events and processes and better relate them to Saturn's footprints thru our lives.

Later, I will start to review the overall cycles of Saturn and of Saturn relative to the other planets, and then we'll start examining Saturn in the houses.
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