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Saturn's first complete cycle thru your chart

As I noted earlier, everyone seems to have Saturn in their chart at a place where it seems to have influence -- Saturn may be angular, Saturn may be conjunct other planets, there may be aspects to other planets or Saturn may be a several critical mid-point patterns. So, we look at a chart and say, "Ahhhaaa." The client shudders. Saturn has struck again.

Well, if Saturn was fiddeling and diddeling within your natal chart, he certainly has the opportunity as he slowly waks around thru your chart. In the course of almost 30 years he will get to shake eveyone's hand, visit each house, and bestow a measure of hard knocks, lessons and soberness. So what does this cycle mean?

Our task is to create an identity which reflects our individuality. We can't take the full 29+ years to do this -- Saturn like his assignment completed early. How will this be done? Two areas of processing are involved. First, Saturn will conjunct every natal position of the other planets. Second, Saturn will pas thru each house. This IDENTITY OF INDIVIDUALITY will then obviously have to be an identity that can operate in a social construct. This period is also shaped by the parents -- our personal representatives of Saturn which operate in our early lives.

By the time we get out from under our parents and exposed to the world, we should have an identity of our own. This identity might be a reactionary one due to our parent's (intrusive?) influence, a studied identity because we listened and learned, or a survivor-based identity based on our early interaction in the world and the way we were treated there. Hopefully we realize that things could be better or different and start to think what the future may hold for us.

In this cycle we will be looking do achieve and demonstrate INDIVIDUAL SELF EXPRESSION. Having been introduced to "the rules" of life, we should have learned how to work with the system or work against the stystem with some degree of success. We will become productive in unique ways, hopefully.

The lessons of Uranus are important to this cycle. Hopefully we will meet Uranus in this cycle. If we met Uranus (conjunction) in the first cycle then we have to go back to those influences and bring them forward into this cycle. If we don't directly meet Uranus until the third cycle, we will have to settle for using the last/best aspect to Uranus. Uranus, among other things, symbolizes uniqueness -- individuality. Individuality was instinctive for the first cycle of 29+ years, it will be a conscious and self-directed process.

When Saturn makes its second return to its natal position another identity crises arises. By now it becomes harder to ignore the issue of mortality. We are reminded in the mirror each day, we are reminded in our daily activities that require more stress and effort than we are accustomed to. Other changes become important perhaps to how we view life and our place within it. What seems to be important is to identify with that -- or those things -- which are bigger than oneself.

In this frame of mind, Neptune becomes an important component. This phase seems to be defined (a Saturn word) by a TRANSPERSONAL SEARCH FOR INNER VALUE, ASSESSMENT, and CONNECTION to the generations that follow. I see all of this as preparing one's legacy to the world.

It is within these overall cyclic meanings that we can pursue our review of Saturn's transits and meanings for us. None of this profound thinking is original or "mine" -- it has been expressed in many ways by many others. In this sense, I'm just repeating it. Its usefullness to our discussions will be discovered as we go along. I offer it only as a guideline or as a context for us to consider when two of us have Saturn in the same house but find ourselves in two different Saturn-cycles. Then, I think we can learn and compare these words and grow astrologically from them.

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