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Saturn transiting the second quadrant of your chart

When Saturn transits the second quadrant of our chart, a process that may take anywhere between five and nine years depending upon the angular alignment of the MC-IC and ASC-DSC, one tends to "experience a lot of growth in terms of their personal capacity" (Marc Robertson, Seattle, USA). Prior to this point, Saturn in your first quadrant should have brought you to a point of having some self-confidence in your new skills and your path toward self improvement. So one indicator of this period is that you realize that the new you and operate in the new present. On an outer level, affairs realting to the home, family, personal wealth and security will seem to be a primary focus of your life.

Robertson noted something that I had not noted myself: During this quadrant transit, the chart owner feels that he/she has been relieved of a great burden, the burden of reconstructing oneself. This correlates with an elated plung into circulating socially. This sense of freedom seems to cloud one awareness of the prior-quadrant-transit's feeling of being "forced" to make changes. Once one stops to assess oneself, its possible to feel quite a bit un-happy over the "death" of who one once was. What a tug of war, grieving over what was while feeling good about what is. Whoever would have attributed mood-swings to Saturn?

Now is the time to DEFINE ONES SPACE. You may likely lay new foundations of a socail, family, security, home, personal values nature or at least totally refurbish what once was suitable. These foundations will be quite "deep" so as to affirm your vision or growing awareness of what has become quite important to you.

What was adequate now has to be expanded or improved. Sometimes one can go too far in seeing and objecting to the blemishes in others and over react -- possibly to one's detriment. But, the show goes on. Changes are the order of the day -- and the night.

There emerges a sense that now is the time to DEFINE ONES LIFE STYLE IN TERMS OF SELF-EXPRESSION. Often one tends to become a symbol of what they believe, Saturn can use symbols to focus one upon what one becomes infatuated with, what one desires, how one goes about creating and constructing things/structures of value. Things work out best when you accept the fact that you may undervalue what other people really think about your concerns. You feel a "superior level of drive and commitment" and see them as not as fully invested in the same things that you care about.

Frustration can arise easily during this transit. So, this isn't the time to take chances or to gamble. Play for keeps. Play differently than you used to.

Now is a time of realization. You have redefined yourself in many ways by now, either completely or mostly. Its time to recognize that and to deal with it -- or perhaps help others to deal with it. Why this "interactive" stuff. Because you will soon have to work with others in the real world, helping them to change or to change "things" in the world. This is the time to "test" or to reassess yourself. Have you completed your growth, reached your goals, created a new you of value.

Now, you may be bored during this phase following the process of working on yourself so intensely prior to Saturn reaching the sixth house. Ignoring health issues is common -- but detrimental. Be aware of the sixth house sign that Saturn is transiting thru and take care of associated health/body issues. You will need your vitality, your focus, your confidence -- all this needs to be nailed down in this transit.

Saturn has completed its transit thru the lower half of your chart. Soon, you will be transferring your focus on reality into the outside world, you will be defining yourself, your efforts and your impact upon others. You'll be setting rules for others or helping them to better understand social strictures. All of this will be built upon your experiences and development as guided by Saturn, so the sixth house is the last chance to "tune things up."

By now, many of you will have found that your Saturn position is currently in one of these houses. For me, at this point in my life, Saturn is transiting my second house. As we each start to discuss our Saturn transits I'll also share my experiences, which may be both similar and different from those who are in their first or second Saturn cycle. Dave
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