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I seem to have started studying astrology when Saturn first rolled over my Sun Neptune conjunction in the first house at age 25. I could tell by the print date in my old hardcopy ephemeris, and where certain pages are worn, lol. I don't recall being overly depressed or insecure at this time in my twenties, although it was a long time ago. I was definitely interested in being who I was and making my own choices. Most likely, I was serious in discovering who I was, and considering I have a Moon in the 8th, I gravitated to the occult sciences. My Saturn Return didn't happen until 3 years later, and there was no station, it all seemed to pass by quickly.

(During the second pass of Saturn), I got married when Saturn was getting ready to roll through my 4th house. Then when I got to the first trine to my Sun from the 5th house, I had suddenly quit a job under ill circumstances at a company I had worked for, for 17 years, got a divorce, and moved north with another man. (This was a good thing, btw). I did not have a job during this trined period until after the influence had passed, and Saturn was going on to conjunct my Mars on the 6th house cusp. Then, I married the man and got a new job at the same time. Double duty.
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