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Originally Posted by WhiteRaven
OK......I'm trying to understand this. Am I correct in assuming that seeing Saturn is presently in the sign of Leo....that we are to look at what house our Leo is in and then take that as the house Saturn is transiting?

In other words, Leo is in my 4th house in my natal I would be taking heed to what you've written for the 4th house transit?
yes but it depends what degree your leo house cusp starts at so currently saturn is at around 5 degrees leo (ive just checked your chart details on the other thread - using equal houses system your 4th cusp is at 28 leo) so saturn is currently in your 3rd house and wont be in your 4th house for a while yet

you can also check past present or future dates when saturn was transiting any of the house by inputting your details in, once you have done that go back to the home page
click on free horoscopes
extended chart selection (towards the bottom of the page)
select the type of chart you want (drop down menu)
natal chart and transits
lastly where it says *start date for charts marked* enter any date then click here to show the chart
the transits will be in green on the outside of the circle
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