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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step EIGHT -- part two.

Step EIGHT-Two asks us to list as many metaphors for our chosen card as we can. Then, we are asked to put them into given statements. Two example statements are given:
** Inserting the metaphor into a sentence.
** Inserting a character from the card into the sentence along with an emotion or sensation that would be described by the metaphor.

Finally, we are asked, "What do these metaphors suggest about your own situation?"

These steps bring us into a deeper relationship with the deck and card we chose. There had to be a reason why the chosen card appealed to us. If we have always liked this card perhaps it symbolizes a long-term theme in our life that we are addressing or ignoring. If the card was chose at the time we started this exercise, then perhaps this is a short-term or current theme or issue that we are coping with. Anyways, the fun continues. Dave

PS: For those who are a little bit behind us, I will continue to monitor prior threads in this series and to respond to you. I encourage others to also do this as every new participant shares something special that we can think about and learn from. I'll judge the pace of prior-thread activity relative to moving the steps forward at a slightly faster or slower pace. But, everyone who is on step EIGHT has only a couple more days before we move to NINE.
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