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One of 78 unique cards

This six of chalices/cups suggests one who is taking a fresh view of what was the past and what may be the future. The Fey don't seem to have accidents or act with malice so I don't think that "dropping" the egg is part of the message. The Fey represents a basic non-judgemental curiousity and a sense of what was past (the Fey come from eggs according to the book) and yet knows that it represents something that will come to pass or change in its form and impact on its surroundings.

There is a mystery here. I'm not sure the Fey knows that it is participating in and witnessing a "cycle" of was-now-will be but surely intuition binds her/his attention to the egg. What is it that seems somehow familiar? Should it be feared? How will the egg/potential/future affect the Fey?

So, we have feelings of curiousity, cautiousness, wonderment, unknowing, patience, seeking ones place and stableness of a situation, awareness of coming change -- a whole wash of feelings and expectations and mystery. A sort of maturing crossroads, a point in time when "change" is seen as being inevitable and when vague thoughts about one's place in the universe start to coalesce. There is a lot of gentle pressure in this card, you can almost feel a breeze blowing. Dave
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