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Yes, for sure

Yes, whatever you do, don't feel you are doing something wrong. Mary Greer gives us good advice and specific cautions in her book, and I'm sure she has a great deal of experience in teaching others about these things so that they can take best advantage of her study materials, but you can only do what you can do. We all learn from each other in this special study group. By the time we review what others have written and we get through the first 21 steps, we will be much more capable of doing the "adept" section next.

I can say that it is better sometimes to take extra time in writing a response. I often write out my material in a word processor, so I don't feel pressured to send what I write as soon as I'm done. That way I can change anything or get back to reviewing what I wrote a couple of hours later. All of our "late joiners" should be an inspiration to the great number of those who follow this thread to also consider joining. We get so much from this communal experience. Dave
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