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The prices of Books on Tarot

I have to let go of some tarot books recently. As I researched what should be a fair price, I noticed how even well researched, well written, deeply thought out books are selling for relatively low prices. At least in Amazon some of them are listed for the price of a deck of cards and some even less. I think books are windows to a whole other world waiting to be discovered. I think learning is a virtue. And I advertised my asking prices, I felt a little sad. Not for me, but for those who dedicate their lives, or at least spent a significant amount of their time pouring over the study and research of tarot so the rest of us can grow in it. From what I can see, a reasonable number of us are willing to spend a bit of money on decks or handbooks which accompanied some decks. But come to stand alone highly informative books, the expected prices for what is acceptable for them dropped considerably. Granted that these books aren't as pretty as some decks out there, don't you think it is important for us to better acknowledge the values of these embodiment of transmissions of knowledge, e-books or otherwise, in relation to other things we are willing to spend our money on? Don't you think writers need to earn a living as much as deck designers and tarot readers?
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