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Seems to me as the tarot is a complete system, that's to say 78 cards with innumerable fixed interpretations for each card at play with the dynamics in the rest of the spread gives us billions of possible interpretations all within the traditional prescription, makes me dizzy without changing up the meanings or doubling up with interpretations of my own. There is a reason why these energies and meanings are grouped as they are, if you add your own interpretations the chances are they won't be in line with the energy of the card. I wonder if someone who doesn't apply rote meanings and just reads the images is actually practising the art of tarot at all, why not read the pages in a magazine or tea leaves?
What if I told you energy works differently for each person and their own independent conditions? Everything we "interpret" from observing that is technically relative. Our aura "adapts" to our environment because it can "chameleon" opposing (dissimilar) forces... (this creates a false sense of "universal" constructs)

You can do auric work on one person that is exactly the same and have two totally different interactions. Nature by definition is an uncontrolled environment. We can shape this environment to some degree by nurturing it and applying social constructs... but after a while, those bounds will loosen and break... nothing is truly permanent in nature.

Divination--if it is a reading of energy (which is what I think it is exactly), doesn't deal well with absolute constructs... just like people can't be "described" well in the absolute(s). It is all fluid.
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