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Originally Posted by obeygravity View Post
This sounds like an awfully purist mentality. By this line of reasoning, that means that there'd be no point in there being varying kinds of tarot decks, and that any deck that at all strays from the traditional RWS meanings is likely an invalid tool to use.
What is the point in reading varying decks then? I'm not trying to say there isn't one but I do struggle to see the reasons. I'm not saying that anything that strays from the traditional system is invalid, far from it but to master any one system in my eyes does not require us to study an alternative one.

So I guess my question here is - Do you only use one deck? Do you look down on people who have multiple decks that have meanings that stray from the traditional ones since they may not 100% adhere to the full traditional meanings of each card?
I've tried other decks but of course it slowed progress. I never look down on anyone unless it's to help them up. If we wish to create our own system with our own meanings then fine I guess I just have my doubts as to whether it would be accurate.
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