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Cartomancy Cross readings for feedback

Hi all,

I am offering a few cartomancy readings for practice as below:

If you are ignored, I just do not want to read for you and would usually have a decent reason not to (including no feedback, energy vampires, poor returns etc).

I am learning carto, so this is just for practice - so please, no life-depending questions.

I also reserve to take my time on this, so please be patient. I will advise you when the reading is done and you are to revert with your feedback within 3 days, as per forum rules. You are welcome to return a reading if you're happy to do so, in any form you choose, though we may need to switch to the appropriate section of the forum.

I will also take a limited number of sitters, depending on how many there are within a time frame.

All this being said, kindly sit if you're ready to be a guinea piggie ;-)
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