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Originally Posted by baconwaffles View Post
Oh yes I love cartomancy and would happily offer my question as guinea pig if you will take it.
What does next year hold for me financially?
I can rephrase that if necessary...
Let me know😀

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1. Past event/influence : 7
It seems you’re coming from some financial worries… sevens are associated to troubles assigned by ‘fate’, therefore it’s a bit of a trigger for you to do better. Good thing is, this is in the past.

2. Present event/influence :
As per the present, you seem to be in a new disposition and new financial endeavour. Perhaps you’ve invested in something new, or put your energy there… whatever it is, you’re at the initial path of financial success. This card is a true diamond… it will sort of shine its light on the path ahead.

3. Future event/influence : 3
So from this light, there comes growth… but one that requires some work. You may be taking on some extra work to make the growth a #2 happen… and this is ok, since it yields results. It may be slow, but there is progress.

4. Advice on what to do: 4
Keep your finances stable… you may need to have a look at your bank account and make sure everything checks out. You should just make sure whatever you earn stays there.

5. Advice on what to avoid: 10
Avoid any excessive worry, and in the light of the card at #4, I would say spending. If you’re planning on any major expenses in 2017, hold them off as much as you can. You should really keep your money in between 4 walls, literally.

Two diamonds, surrounded by clubs and spades make me think that your year will be financially balanced… and you will have to do some work on making progress. Not much comes in and not much goes out. If it anything does, you face the 10 and that’s not very good. The balance of black and red cards (despite the 10 in the ‘advice) confirms the broad ‘stability’ of the year. Numerically, you come from a 7… which is a dodgy number, and move to a 1, then 3… so there is definite growth. It’s important to remain stable (4) to avoid an unwanted end to something (10) especially where the are present!

Hope this makes sense! Best of luck xx
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