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Originally Posted by LadyMarian View Post
I would love to know what this spread has to say about my work situation in 2017.
I also do cartomancy readings with playing cards. My favorite method.
Hi there… first time reading for you! Hope you enjoy this 

1. Past event/influence : 3
You’ve just led some worries behind, perhaps an ugly argument or you’ve lost something… I would say this could be in the work place, as 3 to me is usually groups… so perhaps it involved you and some colleagues and/or management. There could even have been tears, or a loss…

2. Present event/influence: 4
There is stability in this place. Some people call this card the desk, and it’s considered to represent job security… so you’re in a solid place. It may be a little stifling for you, given the previous card, but you’re there to stay for now it seems.

3. Future event/influence: 9
You go from a 4 to a 9, so there’s a considerable change happening over the year. Sometimes 9s are travel or just a change in physical spaces… could be you will change jobs this year, or perhaps get promoted within your current place. You’re approaching the end of a cycle there, and that moves quite fast this year.

4. Advice on what to do:
Well, that seems to say to keep the doors/windows open. Given this card is also about messages, it could be that you shouldn’t ignore any you receive… or any type of invitation to do something new. It also signals some form of financial exchange… so perhaps you will be offered something in those terms which, although little (since it’s a 2), would be worth considering.

5. Advice on what to avoid:
In light of the card a #4, I would say that if you’re planning anything at the mo… making any financial plans or trying to ask for a raise, it wouldn’t be the time. I just sense here not to exert yourself in anything either. Whatever you do, don’t lose too much energy over it. It’s almost saying not to expect any major changes right now in terms of work and associated finances.

2 red cards versus 3 black ones would tend to paint a rather dull picture overall, but I don’t think it’s the case as such. The growth path is fairly positive throughout the year, going from the 3 to the 4 and 9 Interestingly, although there could be a change in the physical aspect of your work, there may not be one in financial terms, even if that’s what you’d like… and perhaps indeed you could ask, but it may not be granted, is how I would read the 2 and 8 in retrospect.

I hope this tallies somehow! Do let me know.
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