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october feedback

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6 3 Q 6 10
6 7 2 4. . J
5 K 5 J ..3

only a few more days to go, I don't expect any major events to happen
first line
a temptation - a stone wall - a cruel mother - a good decision - a fire

a bad decision's consequences start adding up, confronting me with an ugly truth, but after some calculation, pondering and restriction my fire shall burn brightly again.

this reflects on the general feeling of this months, I was facing consequences of either mine or other people's decisions. Plus, I felt increasingly tired and worn out (6 + 3), which gave me a rather foul mood. I feel restricted and inhibited, and I am not a peace with myself. Getting better though now I recover from this exhaustion.

second line
a dog - tears - a seperation - a trunk - a cradle

something I've been doing for some time brings tears of sadness over a seperation, however doing so puts me back into a stable emotional situation, enjoying a good time with a young male artist.
I have to accept that I was chasing a dream. Now I am back to the 'usual stable emotional state' (boredom), and I am once more dissatisfied with my life and without a clue what to do now, which is a terrible thing.

third line
a chapel - a judge - laughter - good news - gifts

the healthy development of a relationship with a person who gets things done that need to be done, there'll be laughter thanks to good news despite some confusion and a lack in concentration.
Despite me trying to end relationships and contracts, the other side wants me to stay (because I have a job to do), and I don't have the strength to start something new. I also think it's foolish to quit something living when nothing out there is calling for me.

a temptation - a dog - a chapel
hey, a dark dog wants to lead me astray trouble will be easily overcome
could have been my vivid imagination, trying to lure me away

a stone wall - tears - a judge
oh dear, there'll be trouble with the attorney, but this should be overcome by work.
I have worked very hard this month, I noticed the first signs of burn-out, I lost my sense of humour, and all I wanted to do was running away.
the cruel mother - separation - laughter
a bad woman disappears from my life, which makes me feel good. This looks like a narrow, and very lucky escape.
there are many cruel women, and they are leaving my heart and life
good decision - a trunk - a message

I take the path down to emotional stability which provides the safe environment for learning. When I feel emotionally stable again, I am able to receive messages from my guides.
I felt restricted in my dealings caused by exhaustion from too much work. My mind was focused on only a few topics. I felt locked in.

a fire - a cradle - a fountain

the happy family is gathered around the cradle, offering many gifts
emotional fulfilment with a young student of the arts who is a scatterbrain
A victory, though only in parts due to emotionally insecurity and immarturity, plus a lack of focus.
no happy family for me, no gifts, no emotional fulfilment. This rather feels like coming to my senses after a long binge of high hopes and great expectations. Back to normal. Daily drab.
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