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CosmicBeing Master Method translation

No. 3 Success
When covered by a heart, the inquirer may hope for complete success.
Hate; Fear. This card shows a love that has grown too strong and become hate, or possibly fear
and terror of another person. It’s also possible that the Seven of Hearts will act as a warning in a reading, alerting the subject to the presence of an enemy

No.7 InJustice
Covered by a heart, any injustice done to the inquirer will be rectified and withdrawn, so that the passing cloud will turn to his ultimate advantage.
A dog; Loyalty and stamina; Long-term relationships.

No. 18 Pleasure/Enjoyment
Covered by a spade, love will be unreal and evanescent, unable to bear the test of time, or to survive the first disagreement.
– Tears; Blood; War. I’ve already mentioned that the tears implied by the Seven of Spades can be
tears of sorrow or tears of joy, depending on context. This card may also be a warning that violence is
not far away, or that something deep down inside the subject is affected by the overall reading. But the
sevens always carry a twist. While the sevens of the other suits tend to have some potent negativity,
the Seven of Spades can have a very good side. It can imply a great deal of strength, mastery of a
situation, or even coming victory and glory. Caution is always best, though. If this card lands with the
Ace, Five, Nine, or Ten of Spades, heads will roll.

No. 24 Advancement/A rise in the world
Covered by a heart, the inquirer will soon see a rapid improvement in his worldly position, and it will exceed his wildest hopes.
Flirtation; Pillow talk. While the Two of Hearts is all about doing it, this card is all about talking
about doing it. The Eight of Hearts shows that giddy, fun stage of filrtation and wooing that so often
appears early in the relationship. It can also mean a sweet, tender intimacy and connecting with a
partner on an emotional as well as physical level.

No.25 Kindness/A good turn
Covered by a club, this good turn will be well deserved, but only obtained by the help of disinterested friends
A herd or flock; Clouds. This card is abundance, completion, and satisfaction. It is definitely all
about rewards, comfort, and a job well done. It completes the sense of accomplishment found in the
Five of Clubs, and adds the element of restfulness. The seeker’s found his or her calling, home life is
happy and stable, and/or business is steady and fulfilling. The clouds, heavy with rain on the horizon,
are pouring down copiously. This is the “pat on the back” or “Miller time” card.

No. 27 Changes
Covered by a club, a change for the better will take place in the inquirer's circumstances, owing to the good offices of friends.
Doubts/Worries. The Seven of Clubs indicates that the client is very troubled by something. So
troubled, in fact, that it is likely hindering or debilitating the questioner in some way. The nice thing about this card (and thereis a nice thing) is that for the most part, all the troubles are really in the sitter's head. They can beovercome, but it may take a mental sea change to effect that change.

No.32 Money/Fortune
Covered by a club, by hard work and sustained effort the inquirer will secure a competence, and will receive both help and encouragement from his friends.
A father; A judge; A general. The King of Clubs is someone with authority, someone who can give
an order and get things done. He may not always be nice about it, but he has his reasons for driving
people so hard. This person is someone wise, though perhaps also someone very stubborn and set in his
ways. For those who have issues with feeling judged all the time, this card could be troubling, but it may
also mean that the questioner must face his or her fears and forge ahead. This is a card about what
must be done, and living up to expectations.
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