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Originally Posted by NeptuneRising View Post
CosmicBeing and Sharla, thank you so much for your interprations. @CosmicBeing, Conversation stopped in 4 months ago and i closed all my accounts so he doesn't aware what i'm doing till then. i have just learnt he is in military and won't be here until june. Maybe thats why he feels so powerless.
It could...also there is a lot going on with government around the world. So he could also be overwhelmed with work.

Well I only looked on the surface of the chart... so the final meaning of the chart might be a combination of me and sharla's view.

Also if it means anything Saturn rules 3rd house and it's in 1st house. So that may means something.....Maybe reopen your accounts so he can see. Maybe that could open a chance for communication or at least give him an idea how to reach back out if he wants to.

Also looking at the characteristic of third house ruler... Saturn is a planet of limitation and blocks... could well explain the block of him being in the military... makes it hard for him to open a line of communication with you.
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