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Cosmic - 9 of Swords

I believe the snake is a key player on this card, as it is so rich in symbology.

The snake has played a major role in the magic and mythology of almost every culture, as few animals are regarded with more awe and reverence. Because the snake sheds its skin each year and appears renewed, it is a symbol of life, death and rebirth. Since they often nest underground, snakes have long been symbolic of the dead returning to the upper world.

The act of shedding skin, of sliding out of the old and being reborn, gives the snake a transformative symbology. The Greeks customarily used the snake as an emblem of healing through wisdom. It also has symbolism with the Great Mother, intuitive wisdom, and feminine mysteries.

I think when we are drawn to this symbol on the card, it can be interpreted as any of the above that applies to the individual reading.

Just my take......
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