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In Robin Wood there are 2 cards that are poles apart in how they affect and inspire me. One is the Hierophant, the 2 of Swords is the other.

She is an enigma, she just fills me with questions.

As a picture I see her seated in the remains of a crumbling gothic castle high on a cliff above a turbulent and stormy sea. I expect lightning flashes and thunder, howling winds and words whipped into nothingness by the storm.

How long has she been here?
Was the castle a whole structure that has just gently decayed around her?
Her eyes are covered - is she blindfolded or bandaged. Is it to prevent her vision clouding her judgement or an attempt to heal the damage of all she has witnessed?
The 2 swords speak of balance, her whole poise is one of calm - grim, yes, she smiles not. She is determined, not swayed by outside events. I do not see the crossed arms as being a closing but rather a natural position - one that can be supported without draining the strength. Her position is formal in as much as it is upright and composed, but why?

I often try to step inside a card and look around - here I think the key lies in what is in front of her - and what is behind. We can see one side but not the other.

What is curious is that this card pops up for me time and again when reading for women who are involved in healing and general woo-woo stuff. I won't get specific because we all follow different paths.

Last night I was doing a reading for someone I have never met and do not know and who has been only briefly described to me. I'd finished the reading and was just moving the deck to one side so I could leave the cards out for morning. I put the deck down and the top card literally floated off to the left. Just a physical effect of the move, but like pop-outs I always pay attention - guess who? 2 swords ;-)

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