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Aerin, I guess it is because the golden age of the Italian decks is generally 19th Century, not 18th Century. With the Marseilles, you're talking about a line which goes back via Vieville and Noblet, much earlier, into the 17th century (or earlier?).

Sapienza, what interesting observations, and interesting juxtapositions. Id never noticed that, but - yes - the faces on the Classical do seem to be grimacing more and frowning!

I love the Ancient Italian, but do actually prefer the Classical /Soprafino. The line is much sharper, and the colouring richer. Im learning to overlook the keywords. I like the bigger image looming in the Classical. O but those damn keywords. I was reading with it the other day and my bf commented "those words down the side; it looks like you're a beginner and you don't know what you're talking about!"

The Ancient Italian feels like some of the colours have run into each other/ been superimposed or gone beyond the outline. That said, I still adore it. In terms of production, I think it is an exemplary tarot deck. Everything a Mass Market historic deck should be. It reproduces the images exactly with no interference or cleaning up. And no keywords!

Just my opinion; I thought that all the "Ancient tarot of..." series (whether Liguria-Piedmont or Marseilles or Bologna or whatever) were OOP. Even if they're not, they will be one day. Snap 'em up while you can!

I had a spare Tarot of the Master, but am trading it with Manda. I only need the trimmed one and the Meneghello one. Can't get into reading with this one.

The Ancient Italian is one of the decks I have the fondest bond with. Im sure Im repeating myself here but I was alone in a foreign country and had the urge to get a tarot deck and bought this one. It is very well thumbed and has been a constant companion for the last 10 year or so (when was it published, 2001?). I got a spare, but - as so often happens with spares - it never had the same "pull" as the tatty one. So I traded my newer one with sapienza!

ETA; AT-ers act fast! Tarot of the Master out of stock now at the book depository!
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