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Re: "The Gift" movie, what is that deck?

Originally posted by augursWell

What about the idea of having multiple cards with the same symbol in one deck. Do you think this would help or hinder a reading?
i found it interesting that she used it for reading, as usually the purpose of the cards is to test telepathic or precognitive skills.

the symbols are pretty universal, so i could see how they might work for divination, but because there are so few symbols used, i don't think they would be my first choice for a divination deck.

i do however, see that there could be advantages to a deck with repeating symbols. having more than one of an image turn up would certainly speak loud and clear.

i have long been infatuated with the farschian fortune telling deck, and plan on buying it from tarotgarden in the very near future. it has only 18 images which repeat. i believe repeating images are common among persian decks.
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