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Thank you everyone for the answers and the suggestions!

Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
Yeah.. I never got very far with them but bought them very cheap off ebay so don't feel too bad. I don't have the book and wonder whether that's why.

They exude randomness. Like you say, a series of nouns and no verbs.
I have the book and altough it is interesting, it did not help me to get any insights from the cards. It's way too focused on psychological work, in my humble opinion.

Originally Posted by Debra View Post
Same experience. Tried twice. The book doesn't help. My solution, both times, was to give up and get rid of the deck. Last one became bookmarks.
You know, I'm considering doing the same thing - getting rid of the deck, perhaps even giving it away. The problem is that I really like the art, the cardstock and the whole idea behind the deck. But the cards are random and pretty useless to me when it comes to divination. I do not need a deck solely for 'psychological work'.

Originally Posted by emmsma View Post
I never had the book for it and try as I might, I could not read with them.

Shame as the images and cardstock were nice enough. I WANTED to be able to read with them, but just never could.
I didn't find the book all that helpful, to be honest. Like I said, it seems too fucused on psychology and is basically teaches you to use the cards like a puzzle to better understand and/or work with a certain psychological situation. The cards don't really create an 'atmosphere' together, they really just look like words put one after the other, and the book that I have doesn't give any ways to see beyond that.

Originally Posted by aranarose View Post
I've had some success with it in divination. I do have one of the books that were written for it, which does help to understand it more in divination. For instance, Yes also means, "Go for it. Proceed as planned." So in regards to the job interview question, it would be sort of a "Keep going, you're on the right track. What you already had planned is the way to go." No also means to stop and rethink things, what are you missing.

It's also eerily, and sometimes irritatingly, accurate when it comes to yes/no questions.

ETA: One way of reading the cards is an 8x5 square. The present is wherever The Inquirer cards lands, and you interpret based on the surrounding cards, what cards are next to each other, etc.
Originally Posted by Adjustment View Post
I have used psycards for divination, i draw 3 or 5 cards in a row and thay have been very accurate. Sometimes i draw only one card for a simple question and they have been dead on. I do have 2 different books for this cards and i consult both of them if i don't get the answer by looking at the cards.

Hey Aranarose & Adjustment! It's nice to see dissidents.

Thank you for the suggestions on how to use the cards. I may try them before giving up completely. I honestly found the book that I have pretty useless divination-wise. It's good to meditate about inner matters, but not very good for seeing the most likely development of a situatio,n or which influences are working around you... so for me, it feelsw like a limited deck.

I tried to use the yes/no cards as 'reinforcers', just like you suggested, but I didn't think it added much insight on the reading. The problem for me is that I often feel like I'm doing guess work with these cards.... maybe I just don't know how to use them.

If anyone has more experiences to share, please do so!
Thank you!
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