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Ludy Lescot-Death XIII

This is a beautiful Death card and it actually took me quite a while to realize itīs the Death. I looked at the Grim Reaper in the background for quite some time without understanding what he is doing in this card!
Okay, maybe Iīm a bit thick. But this lady in the foreground with her dress two sizes too small doesnīt look like any usual Death card lady, does she? It looks like she has been crying with her mascara running down her cheeks -but at first I did think it could be a tattoo.

The text in the tombstone looks a bit odd. The year of death looks like 709! A tombstone that old would surely look different? So is she mourning for someone who died that long ago? A vampire lover?
Good thing there are no visible crosses on the stone but she is holding a big cross in her hand.
And what is the text at the bottom of the tombstone about? Looks like "rat" to me but itīs probably supposed to be something else in some foreign tongue?
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