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Originally Posted by Black Crosis View Post
Hi everyone!

I'm new to Tarot, but of all my decks, the Robin Wood Tarot makes the most sense. That being said, I still have problems with the Court cards. All of them, but as we're discussing the Page of Wands, I'll stick to that one in this thread.

With the other cards (pips and majors), there seems to be a situation in process. But the Court cards seem to be people or emotions and I'm bad at reading the deeper meaning of emotions. Don't even get me started on trying to decipher what KIND of people the Courts tend to be, so onto my question:

HOW does one READ the Page of Wands?
Hi Black Crosis,

Your question seems very general and not really about this specific card in this specific deck. There are loads of good posts in this thread about how to read this particular card, using the visual prompts that Robin Wood added to the deck (the firecrackers in particular).

Take a look at Spinningspider's post directly above this one for HOW one READS this page .

Gwynne also offers some good insights about the symbolism:
Page of Swords - a telescope - vigilance, insight
Page of Cups - a painter's pallette - artistic ability
Page of Wands - a firecracker - too much energy (think ADD!)
Page of Pentacles - a book - student, scholarship, studies
Pages are the most immature courts, they represent beginnings and also show a need to gain experience through learning with the particular energy of the suit. Think of medieval pages and what they did - they delivered messages, learned how to be knights and are usually very young.

So with the Page of Wands we have the energy of Fire - think about what fire is like.. It burns quickly so this page is full of fiery energy and enthusiasm. He or she is the type of person who is creative, bubbly and goes into things with lots of gusto but who maybe loses interest quite quickly after that initial spark (fire burns out quickly). She's got a bit of a temper but it flares up and dies out again just as quickly. She's a bit of a show-off and likes role playing and things that are filled with excitement and action.

You can read this card as a person with the above qualities or as a card of advice then you'd be being advised to act like this page so be energetic, creative and filled with enthusiasm for whatever you're getting into but remember that you don't know much and need to put your energy into learning...
Since Pages represent beginnings this card can also mean that you're just starting something that needs lots of energy and youthful enthusiasm for it to succeed or that you need to put lots of energy into learning something and an active rather than a studious approach is the way to go (an academic, studious approach would be the Page of Swords, a dreamy, storytelling approach would be the Page of Cups and a practical approach would be the Page of Pentacles).

Does any of this help?
I think what helps me is thinking of the energy of the suit (so in this case fire) and the maturity level of the court card...
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