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Originally Posted by Huck View Post

I don't understand this conclusion.
I guess, that the passage ...

... belongs to the later time. Sauveur left the address in 1797, I think, I remember to have seen the Coq-heron address also once for this year.

There was a bombing attack on Napoleon in 1800 in this street.
The dates given by biographies of JGSS performing vary. The addresses are for Thiemet and for the ticket seller, Fridzery (and I guess the place of performance?). The advert says that Thiemet is joined by Boyer, Fitzjames, S.-Sauveur and another artist. I am presuming the title that Philippe has given the image, 21 Pluviose An VIII (10th of February, 1800), is a reference to the date of the source (it would be nice to have reference to the source itself). So that would confirm that S.-Sauveur was performing in February, 1800, at the rue Nicaise, 513.
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