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Fridzeri founded LA CHAMBRE PHILHARMONIQUE in 1798. Sessions were held at the Old Opera Store (magasin de l'opera), which was also called the hotel of the Royal Academy of Music under the old regime, Rue Saint-Nicaise 513, in the Cour du Carrousel.

Fridzeri was director, but also had four associates:

Frédéric Duvernoy, artist, residing in Paris at rué Haute-ville, no 33;

Le citoyen Grasset, artist, residing at rue Lazare, no 88*;

Le citoyen Baillot, artist, residing at rue de Rochechouart, no 269;

Le citoyen Lamarre, residing at rue de Lille, n° 670.

A declaration by Fridzeri, in response to a claim of creditors, is also signed by Baillot, Lamare, Duvernoy et Grasset, 31st December, 1798.

(source: J.-G. Prod'homme, Revue de Musicologie, T. 6, No. 15 (Aug., 1925), pp. 127-129)

Fridzeri held courses there on harmony in the Chambre Philharmonic, the rooms of the 'Concert d'Emulation' were for rehearsals and concerts, but were also hired for public meetings, such as by the School of Performing Arts. There was also a printer, Charles, registered at the same address.

* rue St Lazare, No. 88 was the address of a well-known public hot-bath house, the Bains Tivoli. Not sure how, this was an artists 'residence' ?

ps: Duvenoy, Grasset, Lamare & Baillot were musicians ( Duvernoy arrived in Paris on the eve of the French Revolution in 1788 and became a horn player in the orchestra of the Italian comedy. In 1790 he was a member of the orchestra of the National Guard. In 1797 he joined the orchestra of the Paris Opera, which he is principal horn in 1799. The other three were celebrated violinists), who with other musicians often performed together in quartets and Boccherini quintets (i.e., this "citizen Grasset" is not related to our citizen Jacques Grasset S.-Sauveur).
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