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Originally Posted by Xrysalida View Post
Reading with Nicoletta Ceccoli tarot no rxs

6 of wands - Magician - King of wands

This following week you seems you will be taking action on some goals you have in mind, you look very eager and trust yourself into doing the job right, you do possess the skills to do your job though! Very dynamic and decisive, with a clear and clever mind and strong determination with skill. There might be another person in this situation, a man, a strong figure, I don't feel that he is a challenge for you, he might be someone along your way, a partner maybe.
I really wish I could say I have some goals that I can complete for work this week, but I can't really think of anything that I have goal-wise that could be completed next week. I mean, I know there are some new hires coming in over time, and I offered to let them shadow with me, but I don't know if that's something that will be a reality. I'll definitely keep any eye out for sure, though! As for the man, that's an interesting thing to pick up on. A guy I know has been talking about coming out here to visit, but I don't really know if he's going to follow through. Perhaps this reading is talking about him.

For spinnachie:

The cards I drew are Five of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, and The Moon reversed. This is a basic present, near future, far future reading. (The Aquarian Tarot)

Five of pentacles: This card indicates a period of unhappiness, of being left out in the cold. To me, it also indicates the feeling of being stuck outside, looking in, watching everyone else. It seems like this is indicating that there's something going on in you life right now that you may not feel happy with. Maybe an obstacle got in the way of a goal or even something you were working on seems to have fallen apart.

Three of pentacles: The irony is that this card is almost the opposite of the previous one. It's about success and mastery of a skill. So it seems like what's happened is just a painful stepping stone along the way to whatever you're working towards. For an example, maybe you like to make pottery, but a piece you were working on fell off the table and shattered, so now you have to do it again. In the process, you've made it better than before and perfected some sort of skill you were trying to learn. This isn't to say that you do or don't do pottery, just a way to highlight the card.

The Moon reversed: This card just expands upon the Three of Pentacles. In its reversed state, it basically means that peace is coming after a difficult time. If you keep pushing toward whatever goal you have, even though you may have a setback now, you'll get to your goal and you won't have to struggle to reach it anymore.

Seems like a really positive reading. Hope it helps!
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