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Just pulled out the three decks to compare and verify.....

Tarot of Prague and Alice are exactly the same size and I'm guessing printer. For me, this is the absolute best in terms of card stock & print quality (you don't see the "grain" like you do in say an uusi deck), with the added benefit of the gorgeous cold stamping.

The Mythical Deck is slightly smaller and of different stock/ printing (I believe I read it is the same printer they used for the first edition of Tarot of Prague), and I agree it may have some of the best presentation of any deck I own.

I think the pouch not being included is due to Baba reworking (rethinking?) the packaging since the melodramatics previously. I personally would rather a pouch than a scarf, but I'm not the artist in this instance and in the end will protect the deck just fine in the box. I haven't had any issues storing my current LE in the beautiful printed cardboard box the provided. I wonder if they will send those too, or just trash them.
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