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I didn't misunderstand you jmd, I read the link and saw that the roots were upwards in the realm of the Divine. What I meant, and probably didn't write coherently, was that the Tree of Life is reverted (inverted) in relation to how most of us think of trees, with the roots rooted in the ground and not in the air. The glyph for the Tree of Life gives no indication at to where the roots are... unless you are perhaps already familiar with this subject.

I don't agree that depictions of the Tree of Life are said to have their roots in the heavens, most depcitions I have seen have their roots downwards, other than the one you have linked. In meditation I tend to ascent towards the Divine from where I am.... on the ground (rooted if you like). So perhaps you can see why ascending to the roots seems a little too different to what I am used to and will take a while to grasp. But this is all part of learning about the Tree of Life and I'm happy that you explained this.
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