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Tarot of Prague

This situation was worth it because I learned more than I ever thought possible about myself and how I want to conduct my life.

Key words:
Emotional maturity, confidence, determination

Emotional maturity -- I would like to be able to trust that in times of crisis, I can rely on myself to respond like an adult, to do the right thing.

Confidence -- I would like to be able to contact my center of personal power whenever I feel frightened or unsure.

Determination -- I would like to know that, once I have seen what needs to be done, that I can carry through on the path I have set out for myself, even when it becomes difficult.

In times of difficulty I am able to contact my own personal sense of power whenever I feel unsure, and I rely on this power to keep myself on the path I have chosen.


I am happy to have come this far. I may take a break before tackling the Adept level. I need to figure out my next step.
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