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I can hear the song of the wolf, howling as the Mistress of the Night rises; no ghostly galleon this, only clear sailing across the dark velvet sky. I am reminded of how on a winter night, when the land sleeps beneath a blanket of snow, the Lunar Orb reveals what is otherwise hidden on moonless nights. But this is not the stark cold silence of winter. This is a night filled with the music of tree frogs, and crickets, and wild abandon. It is that time when I can feel the earth, cool against my own bare feet, peeling away inhabitions, and where we are like derishes, twirling and whirling around, arms flailing out, happily kissed by the evening air. Magic, always an elusive lover, grows substantial, weaving a sensual web into which we all dance.

As I have heard it said previously, the image on the face of The Moon card depicts a full moon cradled in the arms of the crescent. Never having seen this card before this evening, I was surprised when I turn it over and laid my eyes upon the picture. After studying it for quite some time, allowing thoughts to form, I was able to see that this was a more active card because I can imagine - almost hear - the wolf and dog howling.

In the progress from the darkness at the end of the storm, through the starlight vision, we move into greater sight; still a reflection of our Sun, we begin to have night vision, an understanding of hidden wisdom - that which represents the feminine and from whom the High Priestess gains Her knowledge.

To my eyes, the playful pup and cub communicate with The Moon, singing to her and also singing her wisdom to the Earth. I thought about which other night creatures speak with Sister Moon. It is a time for wildness and the freedom to be who we have kept secluded within: a child of the Cosmos, we are in the presence of The Ancient Ones, Ancestors and Spirits of All That Is.

Song for The MOON: Sister Moon by Sting
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