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Pearls of Wisdom - The Lovers

I have trouble seeing this card in the traditional 'Choices' role. To me it seems that the choice has been made and consumated. The deed is mote it be...?

Trees - male and female - are entwined, roots, trunks, twigs, limbs, all joined. Leaves fall from the limbs and join with the roots; mushrooms pop out of the ground. These trees appear to be on an island (or perhaps a place all their own separated from the rest of the world if only for the moment). The lake is gently rippled and reflects the sleeping Earth Spirit on the far shore. The lake also reflects the pinkness in the sky. The sun is caught in the entwined limbs, the sky is an off-blue with pink clouds.

The border holds a yoni-lingam on a shelf in each upper corner. The sides hold a heart-shaped plaque from which a strand of pearls holding a ying/yang pendant hang. The left corner holds an open pomegranet and open apple showing the star pattern inside. The right corner holds the other half of the apple and a tomato.

Runes on the Left colum are Gebo and Mannaz. Gebo represents mutual connection; Mannaz is the Rune of Man as a divine being, descended from the Gods (of the Northern Tradition). Thorsson provides the following concerning Gebo...'This is the rune that signifies the Gift of Odhinn in his triaic forms...-the gifts of consciousness, life-breath, and form...(ref. Runelore Page 119). Concerning Mannaz, Thorsson says ...'In the M-rune is the harmonious combination of the "mind" and "memory." In the M-rune Huginn and Muninn speak freely to one another and inform the whole-self of the god Odhinn...In Jungian terms it is the individuated self..' (ref Runelore Page 130).

Gebo is the seventh Rune of the Elder Futhark.
Mannaz is the twentieth Rune of the Elder Futhark.
Gebo + Mannaz = 7 + 20 = 27 an important number in Rune Magic.

In Rune Magic 27 is the number of the 'ALU' Galdar. Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz roughly translated as 'increasing consciousness in a vital form' (ref. Rune-Song by Edred Thorsson). ALU also refers to ale, a favored drink in the Northern Tradition used in Symbels (drinking rituals) and used to ease the restrictions on consciousness so that one may commune with the divine.

A theory is that Rune formulae totalling in 27 are connected to ALU. So while the Runic inscription on the left may be read as mutual connection among Men/divine beings; it is also connected with the ecstacy of divine communion.

On the right column is the Rune Sowilo - Success on one level, a breaker of psychological or cosmic inertia transforming it into a vital, dynamic force (ref. Thorsson, Runelore, Page 127) on another.

There is a tribute to Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise on the left column, we all remember his way with women, always willing to go 'where no man has gone before'...or is that the Astrological symbol for Uranus?

How does all of this come together as 'Lovers' in Tarot? Here the choice has been made, the deed it done, the world is still caught in the after-glow. We see the result of a right choice, but not the options or any insight into why this choice and not another. I'm at a loss would be appreciated.
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