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Yes, that is Uranus but are those the Beltane Fires in the background?

Wikipedia says the following concerning Uranus and Astrology:

"Astrologically modern interpretations associate Uranus with the principles of genius, individuality, new and unconventional ideas, discoveries, electricity, inventions, and the beginnings of the industrial revolution. Uranus governs societies, clubs and any group dedicated to humanitarian or progressive ideals. Historically it was associated with the principles of the Enlightenment and radical political ideas of equality and freedom, among other things."

It's interesting to note (from 'Tarot and the Journey of the Hero' by Hajo Banzhaf):

Magician = Spiritual Father
High Priestess = Spiritual Mother
Empress = Earthly Mother
Emperor = Earthly Father
Hierophant = Education

The Pearls of Wisdom Lovers is the first card since the Fool where the individual acts of her/his own volution, free of cultural or social conditioning. This could be interpreted as a 'back to Nature' card. With all the programming/tutoring our pair received, they remain Children of Nature - not so easy a task in today's society at least in the USA. Add Uranus to this formula and one interpretation could be that Nature has her place as Tutor, also.

What holds my attention in this card is not the central figures in their embrace but the Earth Spirit, the lake, and the reflections in the lake. The Earth Spirit is not all greenery. When I take out my magnifying glass, I see yellow and orange flecks that don't seem associated with any of the falling leaves from the central figures. Rather than redeing these flecks as dieing greenery, I rede them as bonfires (as in Beltane). The hillside is alive with Life and Energy, embodied, celebrated, enjoyed as Children of Nature enjoy Life. The Earth Spirit sleeps through it all in contentment.

I'm getting a better 'Choices' vibe - here the Choice is Life, Love, and Nature's Joy. There is some stirility/stuffiness associated with the Magician, High Priestess, Empress, and Emperor cards. They are all inside attending to duty and responsibility. The Lovers are freed of that grind for the moment. They will be back at the grindstone in the Chariot. In the Lovers card we see the Rest and Relaxation that restores the (Individual and World) Soul.
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