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Lightbulb 3 swrds...

The three of swords is a conflict card, thus then a resolution...truth comes false security is gone and clarity is gained regardles of the turht or outcome...just as an objective taort reading ahould be.

I posted a thread called experienced tarot practioner and reiki healer...its to teach taort..check it out

In this light, these swords hint to our ability to balance core and supporting beliefs leading to heartfelt breakthroughs in our lives.

questions get us to the answers because they lay within, thus a taort spread shall be used in respect and honesty to are some direct 3 swords questions

How do I see clearly into the heart of the matter? What's the root of the conflict?
How can I integrate my supportive beliefs with more core in order to be free of limitation?
What truths am I holding apart from myself? What am I hiding from?
Am I being totally honest with myself about my situation and the people I am associating with?
What lesson does this pain hold for me?
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