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Scorpio with Moon in Pisces

I've been wondering what it would be like to have a
set of the Chalices from each of the Fey Tarot cards?

Each one is a work of beauty in itself, so imaginatively
pictured by the artist ~ what an interesting collection!

On the 5 of Chalices, though we can't see them now,
there would have been 7 decorative circles ringing
all around it. Now we see two fragments, and if you
look closely, don't they resemble the Pisces symbol?

The traditional Chaldean decanate for the 5 of Cups
is Mars in Scorpio, which happens to be my sign...
and my natal Moon was just waxing full, in Pisces.

I especially like the scrolly one seen on the 6 of Chalices.
Does anyone have a favourite, one they like in particualr?
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