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I am thinking of another angle for this card, on top of Dwaas's "victory for the stranger in going into a strange land" (which I like): the fey depicted is an ambassador. 6s represent harmonious meetings - and in the wands, with the suggestion of growth and communications, we have the representative of a foreign fey government, come to present his respects to the local fey & their government; to present his letters of accreditation, to bring gifts from faraway Fey-Cathay...Around his neck he wears the medal of his office, and he rides an unknown fey-mount, sedately through the gaping crowd.

There is something formal and respectful about this card, as well as exotic. From this perspective, there is less victory and more of a coming together, of a harmonious communication between the fey-peoples. Perhaps this ambassador comes from a place unknown to the local feys, or perhaps his visit follows the signature of a peace treaty between their peoples - in which case there is both gladness and hesitation in the people watching the ambassador, since he represents a new peaceful departure...but might also be a trick - a "Greek bearing gifts".

It is up to us, when we receive this card, to open to the strange, to the foreign - to the ambassador of a friendly other - even if, or perhaps especially if, we have been at odds with that foreign other.
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