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Ooooh! You have the Meneghello Vacchetta! Beautiful.
Sitter: 60 y.o. Leo male
Issue: his 90 y.o. mother's recent stroke
Layout: Melancholic's astro style, 1st house starts at Il Guidizio
A quick 'glancing' look at this time (Gotta re-check Mels pip arrangement - I did it 'wrong' originally):

Mum is in 4th (2 Cups - she looks OK, well, stable):
7 Cups in her 4th house: Not so good in the home environment.
Queen Cups in 3rd: Able to communicate (Comfortable with it?)
6 Cups in her 9th: Not likely to be able to travel around. (rather obvious...)

Querent (Leo man): 7 Cups opposite him. 6 Cups in his 12th. Queen Cups in 6th.
He seems more concerned than she does! The 12 house Cup = he's really worried. The Queen Cups in 6th = he looks to be very healthy!!
Will have a better look when offline. I'm copying your pic Frelkins. Thanks for posting it.

MEL: If you turn up.... do tell us what you think.

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