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Originally Posted by RedMaple
I I am hoping this new Cymric image of Guenevere will allow me to read this card as fertility. (Cymric (KIM-ric) = Welsh -- a student of mine encouraged me to use the word Cymry, as the other word is actually an English word)
Just a funny note, that a lot of the English place names in Wales, sound far more welsh than the actual welsh names - my favourite being Abergavveny in english, which is actually Y Fenni in welsh lol. I love this strange land

So yeah, back to the Empress...
The one striking thing about this Empress is that she's not pregnant! Its one of the very few Empress cards that does not depict obvious fertility. But of course, like many of the cards in this deck (and I think as it should be for a 'themed' deck) the tales and the explanations of the story is far more important than the 'actual' depiction. Though, I think the placement of the Orb on her lap seems to be in the right place, so theres the female fertility and the intercepting Spetre. As Lyones said..
Originally Posted by Lyones
desire personified.
She has her green dress, and her purple robe, fertility and soverignity, linking her fertility to that of the land. Even the Christian monks would know the importance of this link and a fertile couple, so maybe that is a reason for the changing of the myth to suit their own propaganda - although she had a struggle she seemed to find a mid-way between Paganism and Christianity, and lots of monks and clerics would not have wanted to project this nice on the fence image.
The harp, indeed does suggest her
Originally Posted by Sophie-David
Her golden harp suggests she is a musician, a further symbol of her creativity and devotion to beauty and art.
I really love this harp, and its a great bridging thought from the empress to the hierophant, Taliesin. Creativity, and the gifts that one could bring to the court with a good voice and an instrument were warmly welcomed! No tv n few books folks It could also symbolise her ancient knowledge, of the lore of her family and her role as the High Queen.
All these seem to bring more of an empress feel than lots of fruits and a heavily pregnant woman. She really does seem to have more going on in her head, more intelligence and fertility than the usual Empress, or maybe I'm not very good at looking into feminine figures lol. A true equal to Arthur.
The pillars could relate to the similiar energies of Nimue here, both are the same side of the coin.

Lovely card, again, I wish these cards were bigger to see her wonderful face more clearly!

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