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Originally Posted by WalesWoman
At first I thought, well if Arthur was the Emperor then Guenevere had to be the Empress, since she was his queen, yet a barren Empress? It doesn't make sense, unless it's something similar to Arthur's sacrifice of emotion. There is no water in the Emperor. So perhaps to truly be mother of the land, she couldn't have any children of her own to distract her, so that she would pour her emotions more outward to the earth and all that get their sustenance from it. I know I'm probably repeating Lyones and others, but it's something that's bugged me.
I have trouble with the idea of Guenever's barrenness, too. But Morgan bore Arthur's child, and she was one of the Ladies of the Lake (water). Perhaps she was meant to be the Empress, and Guenevere and Lancelot were meant to be together. It does seem that way from some of the stories.

I haven't gotten a chance to read the Da Vinci Code, but I watched a special on the History channel the other night that discussed the book and the "facts" surrounding this, no one can say for certain is true, but very much of what is in the book was based on real places and people, real happenings, or atleast real writtings, it's very possible. Perhaps Guenevere carried the blood of Christ in her veins, if the Holy Grail truly was the child, Mary Magdalene carried and traveled with Joseph of Aramathea to Briton!
If Guenevere was the last of her line, by not having a child, the Grail would be lost!
Or did she have a child by Lancelot, secretly taken away? Was it a child the Knights sought? If she had Arthur's sons as some Welsh tales say, who were they, what happened to them?
I want to read the Mysts of Avalon and the Da Vinci Code side by side -- two very different takes on the Grail legend. In the Mysts of Avalon, the Grail belongs to the Lady, and breaks up the Round Table. It is because they are betraying Avalon -- the visions are like those of the 7 Cups -- illusions, but some are real, too.

Isn't it great that this story is so potent that we still get additions to the myth now? 1500 years after the "real" Arthur might have lived?
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